What Types Of Equipment Are Necessary For Boating?

boating equipment

If boating is your sport of choice, then the boating equipment you buy will be an important part of your trips. There are some basic pieces of boating equipment everyone must have onboard no matter what type of boat you own or what type of watercraft you plan on using. Of course, most boats will require some type of engine to function properly and need a water tank. But there are some optional accessories you can buy for boating that will make trips more fun and make life on the lake or in the water a bit easier.

Flotation Devices

Most boaters are familiar with flotation devices such as life vests and flotation bags. Some people even use them while they’re out on the water, especially if they have children. The problem with flotation devices is that not all boats have them, so they might not be with boating equipment that you want to buy. But it’s a good idea to buy flotation devices anyway, just in case.

When purchasing flotation devices for yourself or someone else on your boat, it’s a good idea to get a few different sizes. You should also know the weight and size of the device you buy. These two pieces of safety equipment are very important to a boater. Unless you’re very experienced, it’s not a good idea to rely on your strength for a securing device. Never leave someone unsupervised on the water who doesn’t have the correct safety equipment on board.


Another vital piece of boating equipment that every boater should carry is a watertight container with flares. Boaters must always have a flare onboard and it’s a good idea to store extra flare supply at the ready. Flares are used to mark locations on the water for other boaters to find as well as for emergency rescue. If you have a flare kit on board, this makes boating a lot safer. Also, when you’re in an emergency, you can signal to other boaters to stop and assist you. There’s no better boating safety device than the ability to signal and get help.

boating equipment

Decorative Devices

Another essential piece of boating equipment is a decorative hook or anchor, which many boaters never carry. Decorative devices available on the market make boating more fun and safe for boaters of all ages. Many people use their boats for more than just floating down the lake, so decorative items are nice to have onboard as well as to add safety to the vessel. Some of the more popular decorative hooks and anchors include fish finders and fish eggs, which not only give boaters a place to locate fish but also serve as sturdy mounts for ladders and flotation bags.

Fire Extinguishers

One piece of safety equipment that all boaters should buy is often a fire extinguisher. Because boating can be pretty dangerous, boaters need to buy the right kind of extinguishers. Many boaters will buy one fire extinguisher for each boat they own, which is a wise investment. However, others will buy two separate extinguishers, because they feel more comfortable having more than one when they have more than one boat. There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers to buy, including tank size and nozzle styles.

Navigation Lights

This is required on most boats of more than 12 meters in length, and most vessels that carry more than 12 passengers should have them. Navigation lights are a very useful piece of boating equipment that allows boaters to identify their locations and direct other boaters safely around them. They are available in several different configurations, ranging from simple red and green lights to more advanced devices that display amber and either LED or circular patterns.

There are many other pieces of boating safety equipment that every boater should purchase before taking their vessel out on the water. While many of these items are optional, some must-haves for every boater include a good quality fire extinguisher and a GPS/Fishfinder combo, as well as proper safety gear such as life vests and anchor lines. Boaters should always keep themselves and their craft safe by complying with local regulations and by arming themselves with the right kind of boating equipment.

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