A Guide to Installing Boat Lights

boat lights

Let’s face it, one of the first things that potential boaters will notice about your boat is its lights. Boat lights help make it more visible to other boaters especially at night when the visibility on the lake is minimal. To make sure that you have all the boat lights that you need, be sure to shop online for a store that offers you all of the boat lights that you will need.

Lights also provide boat owner’s with warning lights if there is a problem with their electrical system. Most boat lights come with standard marine grade led very bright lights. They also provide boat emergency lights, underwater lights, and floating lights to help you see what’s going on inside your boat. If you have batteries that are beginning to show signs of dying out, the boat lights for nighttime use will keep you from having to deal with low battery alerts.

Night Time Lights

Boat lights for nighttime use come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. For example, one type of boat light for nighttime use has a small round fluorescent bulb at the tip. This bulb provides a gentle light that will not brighten up the entire area where it is installed. Another style of boat lights for nighttime use comes with two lights instead of just one. These lights have a rectangular shape with a flat in the middle that is covered in a thick shade of plastic.

These lights provide excellent protection. Boats that are over three years of age and have a legal fishing distance of 0.6 miles need to have this type of boat lighting installed. It is also recommended that these boat lights have amber warning lights as well. The amber safety lights illuminate the water so that other boaters know that there is a boat in the water even if they cannot see the actual boat from where they are sitting. This is an excellent way to warn people about other boaters that are in the water that do not have lights on their boat.

boat lights


Boat lighting is not all about the size of the light itself. The brightness of the light is just as important. Smaller incandescent bulbs will produce a brighter light than larger LEDs. This makes it easier for people to see the boat in the distance. Lights that are not very bright can cause boaters to lose sight of the boat in the darkness.

There are many different ways to mount the lights on the boat. Some mount with screws on the bottom, while others have hooks on the front of the unit. Mounting lights on the front allow boaters to look into the boat and see the features of the day. In the dark, it is easy to become disoriented and end up with a confusing landscape.

LED Lights

Another great thing about using LED lights on boats is the number of ways that they can be mounted. They can be used to mount on the boat as accessories to the already existing lights. The ability to use led lights on the boat allows boaters to alter the brightness as the weather changes throughout the day. Brightness can be dimmed or changed as needed for a day of fishing or other activities. The brightness can also be increased to create a beautiful display during nighttime.

Boat lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are fewer available to fit any boat that is made. Manufacturers have an assortment of colours and designs. Manufacturers often offer the convenience of replacement bulbs as well. Boaters can mount various kinds of lights on the boat to enhance the exterior lighting.

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