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Boating Essentials – A Quick Review of Boating Safety GearBoating Essentials – A Quick Review of Boating Safety Gear


Boating is an adventure and there are boating essentials that you must be on the lookout for to ensure that you have a fun time while still avoiding accidents. These boating essentials will help ensure your safety while out on the water. One of the safety essentials is the boat itself, you should make sure that it is in good condition and that there are no mechanical issues.


Another one of the key family boating essentials is sunscreen. Be sure to pack sunscreen with you on your trip so that when you get out in the sun you won’t have to reapply it. Sunscreen is especially important if you are going to be in the water for more than a few minutes at a time. It can get quite irritating after a while, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Another of the basic boating essentials that you should take with you on your fishing trip is a first aid kit. Some basic first aid kits will consist of bandages, pain relief medication and antibacterial ointments. Other first aid kits may contain blankets to apply pressure on, tweezers to pull out a trapped fishing line, pain killers, cleaning agents, cotton balls and soaps and towels. You must have a first aid kit with you on your fishing trip because fish can sting you with their sharp teeth and they can also bite you.

Remember to bring a high SPF sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses, which you should wear even on cloudy days. The sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can have damaging effects on your skin if you aren’t wearing them. A high SPF sunscreen will help keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant, while the sunglasses will protect your face and eyes from wind, water, and other dangerous particles that can be flying around in a boating accident.

boating essentials


You also need to bring some safety equipment when you head out on a boating adventure. These items include life jackets for anyone who will be in the boat without you, as well as lights and buoys for boating safety. All of these items are required in most areas and having them with you is one of the boating essentials that you shouldn’t forget to pack.

Another essential piece of boating gear that you should always have is the fire extinguisher, which should be located in a spot on your boat where it is readily visible and accessible. Boats are typically equipped with either gas fires or electrical fires, and you must have a supply of fire extinguishers on hand for when they run out. You should also have a supply of sunscreen in a place where you can easily access it, in case you need an emergency sunblock in the event of an emergency. Having a fire extinguisher and sunscreen available are the proper safety precautions you should take to prevent dangerous boating circumstances.


If you plan on fishing for most of the trip, you should have all of the necessary fishing equipment and supplies with you as well. This includes a fishing license, which you will need for recreational fishing, a boat registration number, quality knife, lures, reels, weights, waders and other fishing gear. If you plan on boating off the coast of a lake or into the ocean, you will also need a marine fuel burner permit, marine medication, first aid kit and extra clothing for at least two days of boating. Even though there are some national laws regarding the amount of fishing gear that a person can carry, you should always consider having some on hand just in case you come across some kind of emergency while out on the water.

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Where to Buy Boat PartsWhere to Buy Boat Parts


Purchasing used boat parts can be a cost-effective way to replace critical parts to maintain or improve the boat performance. Purchasing new parts can also help improve the value of a boat and prevent deterioration of the boat’s appearance. However, when purchasing new boat parts or used boat parts, it is important to understand how the parts fit and work with the boat.

Shops and Manufacturers

U.S. Boatworks specializes in models of old boats from the 1940s to the present day. This translated into the reality that there is a wide array of used boat parts on which you could select. To better assist you in making your decision, Boatworks provides a comprehensive catalogue that features boats of all types, sizes and styles. This also means that the catalogue will include parts for boats made by all manufacturers. Therefore, when purchasing used boat parts through Boatworks, your best choice is to visit their website and browse through the parts they carry.

If you have experience in boating or have owned your boat for some time, chances are that you will know several manufacturers such as Blaney, Galt, Hobie, John Deere, Minka Aire, and Cabelas. Many of these manufacturers sell used boat parts, but if you don’t, many of them still provide aftermarket parts that will work for your boat. These aftermarket boat parts are generally manufactured in Asia and are sold in varying styles and sizes. The Minka Aire steering wheel assembly is one example. However, because of the company’s vast distribution network, these aftermarket parts come in a variety of different materials, such as aluminium, brass, fibreglass, magnesium, stainless steel, and aluminium plate.

Buying Parts

For those who have never used a boat before, there are several places where they can purchase good used parts for their boats. Several boating stores sell used parts at reasonable prices. Some of the most popular parts sold at these marine consignment stores include steering wheels, oars, anchors, lines, cleats, bumpers, wiring and switches, valves, marine gauges, spare parts, repair tools, and more.

boat parts

Another great way to find affordable used boat parts is to check out a local boat salvage yard. Although you may be able to find more expensive parts at these facilities, it is well worth the price when it comes to saving money. Most marine consignment stores or boat salvage yards sell top-of-the-line, hard-to-find replacement parts. Also, there are always bargains available – even brand new parts, sometimes for a fraction of the cost of replacement parts.

Some Tips

If you are unsure about whether or not a particular part is genuine, you can also purchase a “model verified” part. The parts will be stamped with a serial number, guaranteeing that they are original. However, be aware that these parts are not as widely available as parts marked with a serial number. Boat salvage yards typically do not sell common, older parts. However, if you know that your boat has a rare component, such as a special hull fin, it may be worth the extra investment to purchase the part from a reputable boat parts supplier.

Perhaps the best place to find used boat parts is to browse on the Internet. There are many websites dedicated to selling used boat parts for cash. The best thing about shopping online is that you can find parts for any make and model, regardless of whether it is an antique or modern boat. You can also usually view photos of the boat to see if there is a resemblance to the part you are considering.

Some people prefer to buy second-hand boat parts directly from salvage yards and boat parts suppliers. You can find some very good, high-quality parts at salvage yards that are sold as-is, but it’s generally a good idea to look for boat parts online first. While some junkyards do have some good, low-cost parts, many of them will charge outrageous prices for high-end, high-quality parts. Second-hand boat parts suppliers will also have a wide selection of parts for sale, allowing you to get what you need without having to buy second-hand boat parts from junkyards. Regardless of where you choose to buy your parts, it is important to make sure that you purchase original, quality parts.

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What Types Of Equipment Are Necessary For Boating?What Types Of Equipment Are Necessary For Boating?


If boating is your sport of choice, then the boating equipment you buy will be an important part of your trips. There are some basic pieces of boating equipment everyone must have onboard no matter what type of boat you own or what type of watercraft you plan on using. Of course, most boats will require some type of engine to function properly and need a water tank. But there are some optional accessories you can buy for boating that will make trips more fun and make life on the lake or in the water a bit easier.

Flotation Devices

Most boaters are familiar with flotation devices such as life vests and flotation bags. Some people even use them while they’re out on the water, especially if they have children. The problem with flotation devices is that not all boats have them, so they might not be with boating equipment that you want to buy. But it’s a good idea to buy flotation devices anyway, just in case.

When purchasing flotation devices for yourself or someone else on your boat, it’s a good idea to get a few different sizes. You should also know the weight and size of the device you buy. These two pieces of safety equipment are very important to a boater. Unless you’re very experienced, it’s not a good idea to rely on your strength for a securing device. Never leave someone unsupervised on the water who doesn’t have the correct safety equipment on board.


Another vital piece of boating equipment that every boater should carry is a watertight container with flares. Boaters must always have a flare onboard and it’s a good idea to store extra flare supply at the ready. Flares are used to mark locations on the water for other boaters to find as well as for emergency rescue. If you have a flare kit on board, this makes boating a lot safer. Also, when you’re in an emergency, you can signal to other boaters to stop and assist you. There’s no better boating safety device than the ability to signal and get help.

boating equipment

Decorative Devices

Another essential piece of boating equipment is a decorative hook or anchor, which many boaters never carry. Decorative devices available on the market make boating more fun and safe for boaters of all ages. Many people use their boats for more than just floating down the lake, so decorative items are nice to have onboard as well as to add safety to the vessel. Some of the more popular decorative hooks and anchors include fish finders and fish eggs, which not only give boaters a place to locate fish but also serve as sturdy mounts for ladders and flotation bags.

Fire Extinguishers

One piece of safety equipment that all boaters should buy is often a fire extinguisher. Because boating can be pretty dangerous, boaters need to buy the right kind of extinguishers. Many boaters will buy one fire extinguisher for each boat they own, which is a wise investment. However, others will buy two separate extinguishers, because they feel more comfortable having more than one when they have more than one boat. There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers to buy, including tank size and nozzle styles.

Navigation Lights

This is required on most boats of more than 12 meters in length, and most vessels that carry more than 12 passengers should have them. Navigation lights are a very useful piece of boating equipment that allows boaters to identify their locations and direct other boaters safely around them. They are available in several different configurations, ranging from simple red and green lights to more advanced devices that display amber and either LED or circular patterns.

There are many other pieces of boating safety equipment that every boater should purchase before taking their vessel out on the water. While many of these items are optional, some must-haves for every boater include a good quality fire extinguisher and a GPS/Fishfinder combo, as well as proper safety gear such as life vests and anchor lines. Boaters should always keep themselves and their craft safe by complying with local regulations and by arming themselves with the right kind of boating equipment.

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A Guide to Installing Boat LightsA Guide to Installing Boat Lights


Let’s face it, one of the first things that potential boaters will notice about your boat is its lights. Boat lights help make it more visible to other boaters especially at night when the visibility on the lake is minimal. To make sure that you have all the boat lights that you need, be sure to shop online for a store that offers you all of the boat lights that you will need.

Lights also provide boat owner’s with warning lights if there is a problem with their electrical system. Most boat lights come with standard marine grade led very bright lights. They also provide boat emergency lights, underwater lights, and floating lights to help you see what’s going on inside your boat. If you have batteries that are beginning to show signs of dying out, the boat lights for nighttime use will keep you from having to deal with low battery alerts.

Night Time Lights

Boat lights for nighttime use come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. For example, one type of boat light for nighttime use has a small round fluorescent bulb at the tip. This bulb provides a gentle light that will not brighten up the entire area where it is installed. Another style of boat lights for nighttime use comes with two lights instead of just one. These lights have a rectangular shape with a flat in the middle that is covered in a thick shade of plastic.

These lights provide excellent protection. Boats that are over three years of age and have a legal fishing distance of 0.6 miles need to have this type of boat lighting installed. It is also recommended that these boat lights have amber warning lights as well. The amber safety lights illuminate the water so that other boaters know that there is a boat in the water even if they cannot see the actual boat from where they are sitting. This is an excellent way to warn people about other boaters that are in the water that do not have lights on their boat.

boat lights


Boat lighting is not all about the size of the light itself. The brightness of the light is just as important. Smaller incandescent bulbs will produce a brighter light than larger LEDs. This makes it easier for people to see the boat in the distance. Lights that are not very bright can cause boaters to lose sight of the boat in the darkness.

There are many different ways to mount the lights on the boat. Some mount with screws on the bottom, while others have hooks on the front of the unit. Mounting lights on the front allow boaters to look into the boat and see the features of the day. In the dark, it is easy to become disoriented and end up with a confusing landscape.

LED Lights

Another great thing about using LED lights on boats is the number of ways that they can be mounted. They can be used to mount on the boat as accessories to the already existing lights. The ability to use led lights on the boat allows boaters to alter the brightness as the weather changes throughout the day. Brightness can be dimmed or changed as needed for a day of fishing or other activities. The brightness can also be increased to create a beautiful display during nighttime.

Boat lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are fewer available to fit any boat that is made. Manufacturers have an assortment of colours and designs. Manufacturers often offer the convenience of replacement bulbs as well. Boaters can mount various kinds of lights on the boat to enhance the exterior lighting.

boat insurance

Understanding the Different Types of Boat InsuranceUnderstanding the Different Types of Boat Insurance


If you are planning to purchase a boat, you may want to consider getting boat insurance. Typical boat insurance policies cover only physical damage to your boat itself. They typically do not cover thefts or other accidents and may have different deductibles than more comprehensive policies. Your insurance company will likely offer some additional, optional insurance coverage for boat accessories and boats. Before buying any boat insurance, however, be sure to carefully consider how much coverage you need.

A common misconception about boat insurance is that it is required. In actuality, it is only a preference. For instance, in coastal areas where flooding is a risk, state law requires insurance coverage, but it is usually very cheap.

When you decide on a particular amount, you can easily shop around and compare quotes. Comparing boat insurance quotes is easier than ever, thanks to the internet. In the past, people had to call brokers or call one company to another to get started. Now, you simply have to fill out a form. It is as easy as pie.

Coverage and Prices

The type of boat insurance coverage you choose depends on how much you will be paying. If you only have a few hundred dollars, you should probably not worry about having an extensive policy. But if you have a boat that is worth more than a few hundred dollars, you might consider getting an even more comprehensive insurance policy. Depending on the value of your boat, you may want to consider getting a policy that covers all of the value – even if it is less than the current market value.

Other types of boats also qualify for boat insurance discounts. You may be able to save money on your premiums if you own a catamaran, sailboat or powerboat. Each of these boats is typically covered by separate policies that cover just the vessel itself, or just the towing and damage coverage. Towing and damage coverage usually applies to bigger boats and are not available with the bareboat policy.

boat insurance

If you have an old boat that is not worth as much as it used to be, you might want to consider dropping the collision and comprehensive coverage on your home insurance policy. This will allow you to buy boat insurance at a lower price. Many times, home insurance companies will discount the price of a policy because it is older, as well. They will figure that you are probably not buying a new boat any time soon, and thus, will give you a break on your premiums.

Types of Insurance

If you have a luxury yacht that is a luxury boat, you can get started on your policy, as long as you have adequate health insurance. This will pay the cost of medical expenses if you get injured on the boat while under tow. It will also cover you if you get injured off the boat while being towed. You can drop the personal injury part of your policy if you so choose, but remember to get started on your policy immediately before you add the yacht to your policy. It is better to have the peace of mind of knowing you have a personal yacht insurance policy, which is specifically designed to cover personal liability in the event of an accident.

The final type of boat insurance covers depreciated value. If a certain amount of time has elapsed since you bought the boat, the insurer will agree to pay you the current market value for the boat, less the agreed amount value. This means that if you were to sell the boat today, the insurer would pay you about seventy per cent of what you paid for it. Of course, this is subject to depreciation and fluctuation, which is why you should check with your insurer to find out what it will pay out at a given point in time.

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Boat Fishing Accessories That You Must Have For Your Next TripBoat Fishing Accessories That You Must Have For Your Next Trip


If you love to fish from your boat as much as I do, you’re in the right spot. Not only will you get the boat fishing accessories you need, but you’ll also learn boat fishing from some of the best boat fishing guides on the market today. I’ve been frolicking in the open water of my small lake with my aluminium popper and have had many close calls with big fish. Here’s what I use to keep me safe and make the most of each day on the water.

Necessary Accessories

The most important boat fishing accessories out there aren’t necessarily the fishing boat supplies you’re looking for. I’m talking about the boat anchors and lines. Having quality boat fishing lines and anchors out there means you won’t be spinning your aluminium popper in circles when the fish decide to take advantage of you for lunch. If you already have a boat anchor that you’re using, why not upgrade to a better model?

Boat fishing rods are important, too. Whether you’re looking for boat fishing rods for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing or somewhere in between, having quality boat fishing rods and rod holders is critical to your success on the water. I like to have two-rod holders on board whenever I can. Rod holders will allow me to quickly change out my fishing rods without having to get down on my knees or clumsiest of moves.

Along with your rods, you’ll want a quality trolling motor to help propel your line through the water. Trolling motors range from really cheap to very expensive. My personal opinion is to buy a good trolling motor that will last you for more than one fishing season. That way you don’t have to replace it mid-season, which is a lot better than buying a cheap trolling motor and spending money on a replacement that would break after one season.

When choosing your fishing boat, you might also want to consider a Minn Kota or a pontoon boat. Minn Kota tends to be less powerful than pontoon boats, but they offer a great deal of versatility. Fishing from a Minn Kota boat can be much more forgiving when it comes to unfavourable conditions. Pontoon boats, on the other hand, tend to be more maneuverable and capable of moving quickly. Either boat style will get you to where you’re going sooner and keep you out of trouble.

boat fishing

Other Accessories

Boat fishing requires you to have the proper accessories. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: bait and lures play a vital role in getting your boat to where you want it. In particular, having a good quality retractable bait plier holder is vital to your success. Having good quality retractable fishing boat lures is going to help you catch more fish, not just by weight, but by shape as well.

Rod holders are another one of the boat fishing essentials. Having a good quality rod holder will not only improve your ability to successfully cast but will also increase your ability to retrieve your bait. Fishing with live bait is a lot easier when you have a prepared rod holder. A lot of times it seems like the rod holders on the smaller carp fishing boats are not large enough to store enough live bait for the entire day.

Finally, the best fishing accessory for you might be an anchor. Choosing to use an anchor while fishing can make all the difference in how successful you are. There are many different types of anchors available, so choose the right one for your type of fishing. You may also want to consider an emergency retrieval aid for your boat anchor. Having this handy can come in handy if your anchor becomes damaged or somehow doesn’t function during your fishing trip. Having an anchor and retrieval aid together can come in handy.